Olimex Board

Please attach the provided ESD bracelet to the front panel of your printer at one end, and to your wrist at the other. This will help prevent the risk of static affecting the components you’re going to be working with. Make sure your printer is unplugged, and that the end of the ESD bracelet attached to your wrist is making contact directly with your skin. If you do not have an ESD safe bracelet, you can discharge static by touching a doorknob or similar.


  • 2mm hex head screwdriver

1) With the build plate lowered, remove the cable cover from the back left corner of the printer; it’s held in place with just a push fit, so pull it out diagonally, working loose the tabs that hold it in in place in the panels.

2) Raise the build plate by turning the Z-screw; you will want to remove the 2 screws highlighted in red located on the bottom panel, visible inside the printer in the photo.


3) Lay the printer on its back or side (whichever is more comfortable for you). Make sure it is not plugged in and that the reel holder is not installed.

4) Remove the plastic cover over the Olimex board. Since the screws are already out, it should just be held in place as a push fit.

5) Take out the screw highlighted in red below. This will allow you to remove the wifi board from the Olimex board by just pulling on it; you may have to hold the black threaded spacer behind it to keep it from spinning. The press-fit antenna button can then just be pulled off of the board carefully.


6) Pull the other connections on the Olimex board. Make sure to be aware of which of the double flat cables was plugged into position 1, and which one was in position 2; if necessary, you can label the cables with a permanent marker.

7) Remove the three screws highlighted in red below. This will allow you to remove the Olimex board from the bottom panel. Please note: depending on when your printer was built, the screw in the back left corner by the cables may be a nylon screw with a flat head, rather than a metal hex head screw.


8) Now take the new Olimex and install it by following steps 5 and 6 in reverse.

9) Install the new board by seating the wifi board into the Olimex and securing it with the small screw highlighted in red. Be sure to remember to reattach the antenna as well. Make sure your Olimex board is seated all the way back against the back panel or your NFC connection for your reel holder will not line up correctly with the cover opening.

10) Once that is all done you can put the cover back on and try booting up the machine. It should then update the motion controllers and flash the new Olimex onto the main board. This will take some time and is perfectly normal. Once the Olimex has finished writing firmware to the main board, you may also want to go ahead and run a firmware update either through USB, wifi, or the LAN connection to make sure that you have the latest version on your printer.

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