FAQ: Ultimaker 3/Ultimaker 3 Extended

The Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 3 Extended are here! Whether or not you have previous experience with another 3D printer, or even another Ultimaker printer, you may have some questions about getting started with your Ultimaker 3. From changes in the set up process to new noises, we've got you covered here with some of our most commonly asked questions.

Why doesn't my packaging match the Ultimaker app/website?

Your printer was assembled by hand in the USA by fbrc8. Due to the increased shipping distances in North America, printers produced in the USA are packaged in different packaging from that which is used in Europe. These differences in packaging (for example, a larger box, and no belt around the foam pieces) are there to ensure that we have done everything in our power to make sure your printer arrives to you safely. For more information about the USA packaging, please see our packaging instructions here.

There was a short noise from my printer when I powered it on, but no lights came on. Is my printer DOA?

Your printer is not DOA. The start up process for the UM3 takes considerably longer than the UM2 series machines, due to the more complicated electronics. It takes approximately 1 minute to fully start. Here's what the normal start up procedure looks like:

  1. Plug the power supply in securely, with the flat side of the power cable facing downward. You may have to press quite hard on the printer; you can hold the frame down with one hand and insert the power cable with the other. When the power cable is plugged in correctly, you should be able to give it a firm tug without it coming out.
  2. When you flip the switch on the back of the printer you may hear a click; this is normal.
  3. There will be a brief (half second) when the fans power on, then the printer will appear totally unresponsive.
  4. After approximately 30 seconds, the Ultimaker logo will appear on the screen, though all other lights will remain dark.
  5. After another 30 seconds, the LED lights around the front panel, the lights on the button, and the Cores will turn on.

There's a clicking noise coming from the printer. Is this normal?

One of the improvements of the Ultimaker 3 is the active leveling process. Active leveling automatically adjusts the height of your bed while printing the 20mm (by Z-height) to ensure that the first layer goes down evenly. This is a noise that would not hear on the Ultimaker 2 series machines, due to not having active leveling on them. The noise is a ticking or clicking sound created by the Z-motor making tiny frequent adjustments as the printhead moves across the bed. Here's a video of the noise:


Which nozzle should I use for PVA?

PVA should only be run through the BB nozzle.

What materials will PVA stick to?

Currently, the PLA/PVA and Nylon/PVA prints are supported PVA combinations. You can try using other filaments with your PVA, but, the PVA may not adhere to them as well, and you could end up causing damage to your printer if they come off the bed.

Can I remove the nozzle tip from my Core and replace it with a different size or material?

No. The printhead Cores on your Ultimaker 3 have been designed to give you the maximum amount of reliability. As such, they have been carefully engineered and built to very specific standards. The very thin neck between the heater block and larger metal tube helps prevent heat from seeping up into the Teflon piece in the Core, protecting it from the heat and prolonging the life of your Core. However, this part is also very fragile and would have a high risk of damage if you attempted to remove the nozzle tip and replace it with another one.

Can I dim the LEDs?

Dimming the LED lights on the frame of your printer is controlled by the firmware on your machine. If you don't see an option for dimming them under the Maintenance menu, check which version of the firmware you have. All versions 3.6 and later should have the option to dim them. 

Can I turn my STL file into a dual extrusion file in Cura?

If you're looking to print with two different color materials, you're going to need to start with two files. If you want to create a print with dissolvable supports, Cura can generate the support material. You can read more about both processes here.

I lost my USB stick. Do I need to order a special replacement?

Any USB stick available from your local office supply store will work on your Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 3 Extended. 

Why can't I view my printer's camera feed or control the printer outside the network?

The printer's wifi functions are all designed to work on a local network for security purposes, so you will only be able to view the camera feed in Cura, or control the printer (pause a print, etc.) if you are on the same network. If (for example) your printer is at the office, and it's critical that you be able to view the live feed or control it from home, we recommend setting up a VPN to remotely view or control your printer.

What's that square thing printing on my bed?

You may notice a tower printing in the back right corner of your bed that wasn't visible in Cura when you loaded your STL file. This is your priming tower. The priming tower gives your printer a place to prime the nozzle to ensure that you have a steady flow of material when printing in dual extrusion; it also gives the printhead a place to knock loose any strands of filament that may have oozed out of the unused nozzle so that they don't land on your print.

How do I update my firmware?

The Ultimaker 3 firmware updates are performed on the machine itself, the same way your smart phone or computer can. You'll want to make sure you're connected to the internet, either through wifi or the LAN connection, then you can update the firmware in the machine's menu under the System section.

Where do I download Cura? 

You can download Cura here. For more information about slicing files, you can check out the Cura manual.

 How do I create a custom profile in Cura? 

Need an answer you don't see here? Please, email us at and we'd be happy to assist!

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