The Display Knob/Button Won't Click

These instructions apply to the Ultimaker 2, 2 Extended, 2+, and 2+ Extended, 2Go, Ultimaker 3, and Ultimaker 3 Extended. 

If the button/knob on your printer does not seem to be turning well, feels loose, or is not responding when you try to click it, it may be that the hex nut that holds the clear plastic knob housing in place is loose, resulting in the housing sitting too far forward, as pictured here.

Tools Needed:

  • Small screwdriver (size does not matter)
  • Pliers or nut driver

Please read each step completely before beginning.

1. The first step is to remove the knob from the printer. The back of the clear plastic knob housing has a hole in it. Use a screw driver (or similar) to push through the hole in the back and push the white knob front out the front. Use a pair of pliers to unscrew the hex nut and washer holding the clear plastic knob housing in place, and then pop the knob housing out. (Note, the printer does not need to be on for this process, but the hole was easier to highlight in the photo with the button lit.)

2. Place the clear knob housing over the post. Orient the housing so that the hole is at the top (inside the printer). This hole is how you removed the knob front at the beginning. Place the washer then the hex nut on the post. Use the pliers to screw the hex nut. The hex nut is tight enough when you cannot rotate the housing. 

3. Finally, press the knob front back into place. 

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