FAQ: The Extrusion Upgrade Kit

Which models of Ultimaker printers are compatible with the upgrade kit?

The Ultimaker 2 and the  Ultimaker 2 Extended are compatible with the upgrade kit.

Why can't I upgrade my 2Go?

Because the 2Go is so much smaller, the larger feeder assembly in the upgrade doesn't really fit. There is also no firmware compatible with an upgraded 2Go. You can, however, install the Olsson block which is available for purchase here.

Do I need to change the firmware after I upgrade?

Yes. You will want to update the firmware on your machine to be the Ultimaker 2+ firmware or the Ultimaker 2+ Extended firmware depending on the height of your machine. You can find instructions for updating firmware here

Do I need a new serial number?

No. Your machine is still identified by its original serial number. This number provides valuable information about the original features of your machine. If you talk with a member of our support team, you will need to provide that original serial number as well as inform them that you have added the upgrade kit.

I have already put an Olsson block in my machine. Can I get a cheaper kit that doesn't include an Olsson block?

No, the kit contains the entire upgrade. 

Can I use the pieces in my hot end pack in the upgraded hot end?

No, the pieces in the hot end pack are specific to the Ultimaker 2 (not +) hot end with the exception of the silver isolator. The PTFE coupler will work in the upgraded hot end, although the coupler included in the upgrade is made out of a different material.

If one of the wires in my upgrade breaks, can I reuse the wires I took out of my machine?

Only some of the wires work in both. The blue/orange wire for the back fan and the green/yellow wire for the side fans are the same in upgrade as the ones you took out.

The temp sensor and heater cartridge are not the same. Using the old heater cartridge or temp sensor (including the one in the hot end pack) in an upgraded hot end will cause temperature issues. 

Can I reuse one of the old fans if one on the upgrade breaks?

Yes, the fans are the compatible. 

Why is there a new feeder motor in the kit? Can't I just use the old one?

The feeder motor in the upgrade looks the same as the old one, but they are not actually the same. Using the old motor with new firmware will cause extrusion issues.

Why are there new print head shafts?

Ultimaker has provided you a set of new, clean print head shafts to ensure the hot end moves smoothly. Please see our article on oiling and greasing your machine for maintenance suggestions.

Can I modify the upgrade for dual extrusion?

No. Neither the upgrade kit nor the Ultimaker 2+ nor Ultimaker 2 Extended + machines can be modified for dual extrusion.

Why is the reel holder shorter?

Since the upgrade cannot be modified for dual extrusion, there is no need to have a reel holder large enough to hold two spools.

Will the upgrade kit void my warranty?

No, if you install the upgrade kit using directions from Ultimaker or fbrc8 your warranty will not be affected. 

Is there someone who can install the kit for me?

If you are interested in installation services offered by fbrc8, contact 

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