How Do I Open a Support Ticket?

The most reliable way to get assistance is through our support system. To submit a ticket, email An email ticket keeps all your information in one thread, so the technicians have access to all communications and can provide comprehensive assistance. 

When you submit a ticket, there are some things our technicians are going to ask. These questions help us clarify the status of your machine and identify any potential causes for your issue. Providing the following information when you submit your ticket will eliminate some of the preliminary back-and-forth so that we can get your machine up and running faster. There's an example ticket at the bottom.

  1. Name
  2. Model 
  3. Serial Number (located on underside of printer, or on the back panel; if your serial number sticker is silver, please note that the serial number is the long alphanumeric code under the barcode, not the 4 digit number below the words "serial number")
  4. How long have you had your printer?
  5. How many print hours are on your printer? (UM2 series: Maintenance —> Advanced —> Runtime)
  6. What version of the firmware are you running? (UM2 series: Maintenance-> Advanced-> Version)
  7. What kind of material are you using (PLA, ABS, carbon fiber)? 
  8. What brand of material are you using? 
  9. Have you recently replaced any parts or disassembled any part of the machine?
  10. Are you printing via SD card (UMO/UM2), via USB stick (UM3), over wifi in Cura (UM3), or using another method?
  11. Are you using Cura as your slicer, or another slicer program?
  12. What problem/concern are you having with your printer? Please be specific. If applicable, please include photos.

Don't worry if you don't have all of this information on hand. Do the best you can, and we'll work from there.


Subject: Error message-help

  1. Sarah
  2. Ultimaker 2
  3. xxxxxx123
  4. 6 months
  5. 57:24 (57 hours, 24 minutes)
  6. 15.04.4
  7. PLA
  8. ColorFabb
  9. Replaced the Bowden tube
  10. Printing from the SD card
  11. Slicing in Cura
  12. There's a 'Temp Sensor Error' message when I go to print. 
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