Optional Installation Service for the Extrusion Upgrade

What does the Upgrade Installation (priced at $175 + tax) include?

  1. Alignment- we will check the pulleys, belts, and rods to ensure your machine is square
  2. Oil- we will oil and apply grease as necessary
  3. Installation- a qualified technician will install the upgrade kit
  4. Testing- your printer will undergo the same tests as brand new printers [fbrc8 will not test any printers with damages that render the printer unsafe (example: damaged electronics)]
  5. Return shipping (continental United States only)- your printer will ship back to you via UPS ground with tracking information, insurance, and signature confirmation upon delivery. [International shipping is an additional charge, fbrc8 does not cover customs duties]

Is installation free for printers under warranty?

No. Work covered under warranty is limited to repair on defective or malfunctioning parts. Since the Upgrade is an optional addition, your warranty does not cover the installation. 

What if you find something wrong with my printer?

Upon finding an issue with your printer, all work will stop immediately. You will be notified before we proceed. Any additional parts or labor needed will be approved by you before work begins. No work incurring charges will be done without your authorization. 

[fbrc8 will not test any printers with damages that render the printer unsafe (example: damaged electronics)]

How do I get my printer to you?

You are responsible for the cost of shipping the printer to us, and for any damage in transit to us. We recommend that you use proper, original packaging (replacement packages are available in our store), and ship with tracking and insurance.

What if my printer is damaged in transit?

fbrc8 is not liable for damage incurred during shipping. Using the proper, original packaging significantly reduces the risk of damage. If you do not have your packaging, you can purchase a set here. We also have packing instructions available.

How is my printer returned to me?

Return shipping (continental United States only) is covered in the fee. Printers are returned via FedEx Ground with tracking, insurance, and signature confirmation upon delivery.

For international shipping, you will receive an invoice with return shipping costs.

Where is the listing in your web store for the installation?

If you are interested in the installation service, add one of the Upgrade kits to your cart. Go through the checkout process. When choosing a payment method, select CHECK (even if you are not a school or government entity). This will reserve your kit while fbrc8 contacts you and arranges an invoice with the installation fee and shipping instructions. The invoice will supply a link to pay by credit card.

Or you can email sales@fbrc8

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