Differences in the UM2 and UM2+ Hot Ends

The Ultimaker2, Ultimaker2 Extended, and the Ultimaker 2Go share a hot end design. The Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended + are a little different. The parts all function the same, and many of the instructions for changing hot end parts are relatable between models in the UM2 family. The information below details the differences between the hot ends. 

BLUE: The hot end spring from the original UM2 hot end has been replaced by the 9.4mm isolator spacer in the UM2+ hot end. 

GREEN: The PTFE coupler from the original UM2 hot end has been replaced by the TFM coupler in the UM2+ hot end. 

PURPLE: The fan shroud has been reshaped to allow better air flow across print models.

RED: The nozzle block/tip in the original UM2 hot end has been replaced by the Olsson block and compatible nozzle tips in the UM2+ hot end. The UM2+ hot end does not have a PTFE ring.

Ultimaker 2/ Ultimaker2 Extended/ Ultimaker 2Go

Ultimaker 2+/ Ultimaker 2 Extended +

Nozzle Wire Differences:

The heater cartridge in the original UM2 hot end and the heater cartridge in the UM2+ hot end ARE NOT interchangeable. 

The temperature sensor in the original UM2 hot end and the temperature sensor in the UM2+ hot and ARE NOT interchangeable.

What's Still the Same?

  • Model cooling fans (side)
  • Hot end cooling fan (rear)
  • Thumb screws
  • Print head block
  • Collet
  • Isolator nut
  • Metal holder
  • Linear bearings

How Does This Affect Maintenance?

BLUE: The spacing of the components within the metal holder is slightly different between the two designs. The spring will work in either design since the range of compression compensates for variance in spacing. The isolator spacer, however, is a fixed piece and may be inadequate in the original UM2 hot end design. 

GREEN: The couplers are identical in size and shape. The difference between the two is strictly in the material. The couplers are interchangeable between machines. Both couplers are considered consumable, meaning they wear out with use and are not covered under your warranty.

PURPLE: If you have the old fan shroud design (angled fans), a nozzle tip must be put onto an Olsson block (if you have installed one) after the the fan shroud is attached. The hole in the new fan shroud design (flat fans) is large enough to accommodate the nozzle tip.

Due to the difference in the fan positions, if you change from one fan shroud to the other, you may experience a difference in print quality due to the change in air-flow pattern. This can be offset by adjusting the nozzle temperature to compensate if need be.

RED: The PTFE ring (if you have one) is designed to keep the nozzle from touching the fan shroud and leaching heat. If you have a hot end without a PTFE ring, you will need to make sure the nozzle is centered in the hole and not touching the metal of the fan shroud. The PTFE ring itself is not a critical part, and if your nozzle is installed correctly, a lack of a PTFE ring will not affect the functionality of your printer.

An Olsson block can be installed on the original UM2 hot end. If you have an Olsson block, the silver isolator should be screwed all the way to the block. If you have an original nozzle, measure a 2mm gap between the isolator and the coupler.

The set screw that secures the temp sensor and heater cartridge on an original nozzle must be accessed through the top of the holder, requiring the holder to be separated from the print block. The set screw on an Olsson block is accessible on the underside, requiring only the fan shroud to be removed.

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