Installing An Olsson Block

Installing an Olsson Block is a straight-forward process that shouldn't take any more than 20 minutes under normal circumstances. Perform the installation while the machine is cold. If you already have an Olsson block and are looking for information on how to change the nozzle tip, click here. If you need clarification about the names of parts of the print head, you can find diagrams here.

Your Olsson kit should include the following: 

-Olsson Block (Heater block w/ pre-installed set screw and washer) 

-Interchangeable Nozzle Tips (0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8) 

-Miniature Screwdriver 

-Wrench or 7mm Socket 

*Optional* You may choose to print the 3D Nozzle Torque Wrench which is compatible with the 7mm socket. (You can download the file here

As you begin, you will want the heater block separate from the nozzle tips. You also need the set screw loose so that you can insert the heater and sensor wires. You will need the 2mm allen key (middle-sized) and the 1.5mm allen key (smallest) that came in your printer's accessory bag. With the exception of the nozzle set screw, all the hex screws are 2mm.

  1. Remove the blue clip. Then remove the Bowden tube by holding the white collet in place while pulling up on the tube.
  2. Unscrew the four small screws that hold the fan shroud to the metal holder. If you have a white PTFE ring that sits between the nozzle and fan shroud, you can set it aside. You will not need it again as it does not fit around an Olsson block.
  3. Then undo the four thumb screws that go down through the print block. 
  4. Undo the top two screws on the metal holder. This will free the spring. 
  5. Unscrew the silver isolator from the nozzle. If you have difficulty getting the isolator to move, you can use the tip of the screwdriver in the holes as leverage. 
  6. Use the 1.5mm allen key to loosen the set screw on the nozzle.
  7. Now you can gently remove the heater cartridge and temp sensor. Be aware that the temp sensor has a tendency to break during removal. You can find directions for replacing a temp sensor here
  8. Insert the temp sensor and heater cartridge into the heater block. On the underside of the nozzle are two viewing windows (one for each wire). The wires are fully inserted when the end of the metal tip is at the far end of the viewing window.
  9. Use the small phillips screwdriver to tighten the set screw. When you are finished make sure the wires are still fully inserted.
  10. Seat the white coupler completely in the silver isolator. Thread the isolator onto the heater block with the holder plate between them. The coupler will move up as the threads of the heater block come in contact with it. If the isolator is difficult to move, you can use the screwdriver in one of the holes to help screw it down. Screw the isolator all the way to the heater block.
  11. Ensure the isolator is flat against the holder bottom. Put one end of the spring on the coupler and the other in the recess in the holder top. Screw the holder down with the 8mm screws (two larger ones).
  12. Start the four 4mm screws (smallest ones) that secure the fan shroud to the holder. 
  13. Attach your desired nozzle tip to the heater block. Holding the nozzle upright, begin screwing the tip into the heater block. Turn the nozzle until it is finger-tight. 

    If you are using the wrench or using the socket by hand, tighten the nozzle until it is firm. Do not force the nozzle further.

    If you are using the printed Olsson Torque Wrench, the tool will automatically stop turning at the needed amount of torque. 

    If you have a measured torque wrench, set the torque to between 1 and 1.5Nm (Newton meters). Never tighten your Olsson nozzle with more force than 2Nm.

  14. Tighten down the fan shroud screws. Keep the nozzle and heater block from coming in contact with the silver metal of the shroud. Contact results in heat leeching from the nozzle.
  15. Hold the print block together. The linear bearings that run through it should be centered in the block. They are shorter than the print block, so don't line them up with the edges. Put the metal holder in place. Watch the fan cords; it is easy to pinch them between the print block and the holder. Reinsert and tighten the thumb screws. 
  16. Double check that none of the fan wires are pinched and that no wires are in contact with the rear fan.
  17. Reseat the Bowden tube, making sure that it goes all the way to the PTFE coupler and doesn't get caught on the metal plate above. Then replace the blue clip.


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