How to Pack Your Ultimaker 2GO

Properly boxing your printer for travel is very important. There are some steps you need to take before putting your printer in the box. We have outlined those here, along with the directions. Please read the complete directions before starting.

If you are sending your printer in for repair, please pack only the printer unit itself and it's power supply. Do not return any of the other accessories, such as the glass or reel holder.

To protect the alignment of your printer and your endstops, it’s important to secure the head. Do this by using two zip ties, one for front-to-back and one for left-to-right. Position the head in the front-right corner of the printer.

Use one tie to secure the rod that skewers the head front-to-back onto the axis rod on the right side. Use the other tie to secure the rod that skewers the head left-to-right onto the axis rod in the front. Make sure ONLY the two rods are within the tie. Do not tie the belts or the front panel to the rod. Tighten the zip ties to the point where the head will not move, but not so tight that there is pressure on the rods or the rods bend.

To protect the z-stop and nozzle, it’s important to keep the bed from moving up and down. You must first place bubble wrap or pieces of cardboard under the bed to keep it from breaking the z-stop. The cushion under the bed should be about 1/4 inch thick.


Apply a piece of tape that spans from the plate to the front panel. We suggest using electrical tape, which does not leave a residue and is easy to remove. Be sure the tape does not stick to the display screen. Painter's tape is not recommended, as it can tear.

Place the reel holder is the cut-out in the bottom foam. 

Set your filament in the semi-circle.

Orient the bottom foam so the square is closest to you and the half circle is at the far end. Place the printer in the square cut-out with the front of the printer facing you. 

Look inside the top foam. One side is cut deeper than the other. The deep part goes over the right side of the printer to accommodate the Bowden tube. Put the top foam in place. 

There is a cubbyhole in the top of the foam. It is covered with a panel of foam that lifts out. The remainder of your accessories fit in here. The most efficient way of making everything fit is to put the power supply in first. Then add the glass and hot end pack.

The accessory bag will fit on top.

Secure the blue strap and place the foam inside the cardboard box. If you are putting the foam back into the cardboard box, you will want the buckle to sit in the depression in the foam.



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