Removing the Electronics Cover

(These instructions are for the Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2 Extended. If you have questions about removing the electronics cover for an Ultimaker 2Go, please contact

Removing the electronics board cover is usually one of the first steps in troubleshooting  if you receive an error message on your screen regarding the one of the heaters or temp sensors in the printer. Removing the cover is pretty straightforward, once you know where to find the screws you need. The electronics cover is held on by 2 12mm screws, and 2 lock nuts.

Tools Needed: 

  • 2mm allen key (the middle-size from your accessory bag) or hex-head Screwdriver
  • Pliers or 5.5mm nut driver

1. In order to access the screws you want, you will need to raise the bed. There are two ways to manually raise the bed. You can pull up on the bed with fingers under each side of the bottom silver plate (all the way at the back of the plate near the table cover, not from the front), or you can twist the Z-screw at the back of the machine. Alternately (if your machine isn't experiencing an error on start up), you could go into the menu and raise the bed using Maintenance --> Advanced --> Raise Buildplate. The screws outlined in blue are the cover screws you need. For a complete map of screws on the printer, please see check our screw map here.

2. Unplug your printer and carefully lay it on its back. You may want to lay it on a piece of clean cardboard or a soft cloth to avoid scratching the back panel. Laying the printer on its back will not damage the standard feeder. If you have a modified feeder, you will want to lay it on its right side instead.

3. The screws for the cover go down through the bottom panel and are secured with lock nuts on the underside. You will need to hold the nuts still using the pliers or the nut driver, while you unscrew the 2 screws inside the machine outlined earlier.

4. When the screws and lock nuts are out, the metal cover should be able to lift off; it has a couple of tabs that fit into slots on the panel that help hold it in place. You may see a red and brown wire not plugged into anything; this is an extra wire.

5. When you've performed whatever troubleshooting or parts installation and you're ready to put the cover back on, make sure not to pinch any of the wires. The black ferrite core should sit to the left of the electronics board.

Your electronics cover has a slot in the upper left corner for the LED wire and display ribbon to pass through. The lower right corner has a slot for the Z-motor wire, X-motor wire, and Z-endstop. When you have the cover sitting flat to get screwed back on (you may need to hold it in place), put your 12mm screws through the panel and cover, and put your lock nuts on.

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