How to Replace the Ulticontroller (Display) Board

These instructions apply to the Ultimaker 2, 2 Extended, 2+, and 2+ Extended. The 2Go is similar, but has a different cover on it; instructions will be coming soon.

Tools Needed:

  • 2mm allen key (middle-size from your accessory bag)
  • Small screwdriver
  • Pliers or nut driver

Please read each step completely before beginning.

1. The first step is to remove the knob from the printer. The back of the clear plastic knob housing has a hole in it. Use a screw driver (or similar) to push through the hole in the back and push the white knob front out the front. Use a pair of pliers to unscrew the hex nut and washer holding the clear plastic knob housing in place, and then pop the knob housing out.

2. To access the board we have to remove the white metal cover over the Ulticontroller board. It's held on with two nuts, and two 12mm screws. Unplug your printer and carefully lay it on its back. You may want to lay it on a piece of clean cardboard or a soft cloth to avoid scratching the panel. Laying the printer on its back will not damage the standard feeder. If you have a modified feeder, you will want to lay it on its left side instead. When the screws and nuts are removed, you may want to push forward and pull up from the back to get the cover off. It is almost time to remove the board itself. Before doing so, we must make sure the flat cables going into the board are labeled. The ports on the board are labeled EXP1 and EXP2. Write the appropriate number on the cord with a permanent marker. In order for the new board to work, we must plug them into the correct ports. Once they are labeled, unplug them. Now unscrew the four screws holding the board on. Carefully slide the LED screen out of the recess in the front panel as you remove the Ulticontroller board.

3. Now we'll remove the screen from the old board. Gently pull the small black tabs on the part of the board that holds the screen ribbon in place and ease it open.

Then remove the ribbon cable from the board. Open the black slide on the new board. Insert the ribbon cable. When done correctly, the dark brown at the end of the ribbon will not be visible. The screen will not work if the ribbon is not in straight. Gently close the black slide. Some of the brown at the end of the ribbon will now be visible. 

4. Let's reattach the board. Slide the screen into the recess in the front panel. Carefully hold the board in place as you reinsert the screws. Be careful not to the let the board dangle from the screen ribbon. This can damage the connection. 

5. Plug the flat cables back in. The flat side of the connector will go toward the board, and the side with the protrusion will go toward the panel. 

6. Replace the cover. Make sure the cord crosses the board to the left and exits through the notch in the cover. Set your machine upright again. 

7. Place the clear knob housing over the post. Orient the housing so that the hole is at the top (inside the printer). This hole is how you removed the knob front at the beginning. Place the washer then the hex nut on the post. Use the pliers to screw the hex nut. the hex nut is tight enough when you cannot rotate the housing. 

8. Finally, press the knob front back into place. 


All finished and the display isn't working? Check out this troubleshooting article.


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