Where Is The Screw I Need? (Ultimaker 3/Ultimaker 3 Extended)

Below, you will find photos diagramming which screws belong to which parts of the machine. All screws shown here are 2mm hex head screws; if needed, they can be removed or adjusted using the 2mm hex head screwdriver that came with your printer. The photos are of an Ultimaker 3. If you have an Ultimaker 3 Extended, you will have additional frame screws vertically on the side panels.

All screws labeled as Frame Screws should never be removed; in the event you ever need to access any part of the printer for troubleshooting or repairs, all electronics can be accessed by removing the various cover screws around the printer.

Front Panel


Back Panel

Please note, the feeder housing screws (marked in purple) are not actually screwed into the panel itself. Those 4 screws hold the two halves of the feeder together; the screws marked in green are the screws that attach the feeder to the printer itself.


Top Panel


Bottom Panel

Please note that the electronics in your printer are ESD sensitive, and we do not recommend removing the covers unless you have been advised to do so by our support team.


Left Panel


Right Panel


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